Monday, 22 January 2018

Simply Neutrals #30 Vintage Lace, Lino and Rusty Iron

Hello Friends,

One of the sweet things I up-cycled last year was this old lamp. It was just plain boring cream, but a gorgeous shape. I hunted for special lace doilies, ribbons and jewellery to decorate it.

My blog was looking drab to me, so I did a bit of an overhaul. I wanted to use my own images for it. On a trip to Braidwood I discovered some vintage wallpaper on the floor of an (you guessed it!) antique shop. The shop is called Born Vintage, and here is a Google maps photo of it., though the pic is messed up by movement. It's the old Maternity Hospital. 

I spent some time gathering images of it (with permission, of course!), as well as gathering a few little treasures. (More about those another time...) The lino image was combined with some images of my vintage laces and an old iron fence using layers in Photoshop Elements. I LOVE textures!! 

Lino by Jesse Rowan

Jesse Rowan

Lace by Jesse rowan

Lace by Jesse Rowan

Lino by Jesse Rowan

A single motif...
Lino motif by Jesse Rowan
The motif on a vintage envelope which I found in a Google I can't even find it again myself!!! OOPS!

A different lino from another room in the same shop... to be used later.

A section of the blog background...

collage by Jesse rowan

I'm joining Wen's Simply Neutrals party at her blog: 

Why don't you pop across to see all the drool-worthy neutral artworks, collectibles and photo art on display? You may like to share some too...   See you next time,



  1. Hello sweetie, your blog post today is filled with so much beauty! Isn't photoshop just wonderful? There is so much you can do with it. I love how you made your blog background, combining such beautiful textures that go so well together. Your lamp decoration is so gorgeous too with the beautiful flowers! Thank you so much sweetie for linking up again to Simply Neutrals, I'm so happy to see you there :) Big hugs and love, xx

    1. Hi Wen, Thank you. Yes, I love playing in Photoshop. I'm trying to learn more about it, too. There is so much creative potential to unlock.

      Love to you,
      Jesse XXX

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Susan. Have a great week.
      Jesse XX

  3. Such a beautiful post dear Jesse, I love your new look , here , with the lovely header, and the background , you are so clever in doing it all by yourself !! Wow your lamp shade, simply gorgeous, a wonderful collection of everything lovely.
    And what a dream, to find all the old wall paper , and the envelope, not everyday finds !!! A beautiful visit here, when my day is turning to evening. I guess yours is only to begin !!
    Hugs from Dorthe, xx

    1. Hello Dorthe,
      I hope I didn't confuse people - I didn't buy the wallpaper, it was just the floor of the shop, and the owner allowed me to take photos. I rushed my blog post a bit, and didn't credit the shop properly, so I'll go back and edit the blog. Also the envelope was an image from a Google search onto which I added the wallpaper image. I'll explain that better, too. Sorry for misleading you...
      Have a wonderful creative week, Dorthe.
      Jesse XXX


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