Sunday, 9 September 2018

Butterflies and Babies

Hello Friends,

With Spring awakening here in Australia, I'm looking forward to the butterflies, roses and new life happening.  

I had some fun decorating the lid of this pretty yellow box which I am using to store cut out butterflies ready for some projects...

Here's a close up of the lid. I used script paper, a label and a gorgeous image of Maude Feely with an embroidered rose embellishment.

Fascinated by butterflies, I picked up this vintage preserved butterfly under glass...

Speaking of butterflies, here's an unusual one! My kitten, Jasper, was a great model for me, and I used Photoshop to give him fairy wings.

He's grown up so quickly - here he is as a small kitten with gorgeous blue eyes, with his cute cheeky brother. So hard to choose!

I was won over by his pretty face!

He was a rescue kitten - he's still in his cage  here, too young to leave his mum yet.

At 10 weeks old, he quickly settled in to his new home. He loves to sleep next to my computer as I work.

He now has yellow eyes - a pity to lose those sweet blue eyes, but he is still gorgeous. Now 10 months old, he's been a great photography inspiration for me...

Of course, he loves lace and fabrics, and always chooses to park himself in the middle of whatever I am doing!

A couple of months ago I attended a Doll and Bear Show in Wyong. I was stunned at the artistry of many of the 'reborn' dolls there. I had a cuddle with one of them... so sweet!

You'd easily be tricked into thinking it was a real baby!!!

A paddock full of lambs attracted my attention on a trip to Oberon. I only had my phone as a camera...

The drought is awful, and everywhere farmers are hand feeding and desperate for rain. This looks green after a shower, but there's not much to graze on. And this is usually pretty good land...

Lastly, here's a sweet mother and baby encounter on a trip to Pebbly Beach in the Murramarang National Park...

I'm joining Wen at AppleApricot for Simply Neutrals # 48. Join us there for a feast of neutral beauty... Wishing you a Happy Spring or Fall, wherever you are.