Wednesday, 22 August 2018

In Honour of William Morris

 Hello friends,

Today I'm presenting some pictures of a special rose named in honour of the William Morris, whose art I have long admired. 

I'm sure you'll recognise many of his designs...

William Morris (1834–1896) was the 19th century's most celebrated designer, famous for his wallpapers and textile patterns. His wife Jane (Burdett) embodied the Pre-Raphaelite ideal of beauty. She was a model and muse for him, and also for Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

I love this quote of his...

'Speak not, move not, but listen, the sky is full of gold. No ripple on the river, no stir in field or fold, All gleams but naught doth glisten, but the far-off unseen sea. Forget days past, heart broken, put all memory by! No grief on the green hillside, no pity in the sky, Joy that may not be spoken fills mead and flower and tree.'
                                                                        William Morris

I'm sure he would have loved this rose named after him.

Here's the first bud of Spring. As the rose matures, it gets much bigger and fills out with densely packed petals, then it softens in colour as it ages. I love it at each stage. 

The rose has a beautiful scent to match.

I found this lovely pale pink cloudy vase below at a market, and it's perfect for this rose. The scrapbook paper background reflects a similar style rose, and a vintage baby dress with rosebuds next to a lacy deep pink evening dress made a lovely foreground in the golden early morning sunlight.

In the picture below, one of my cushions had a similar rose featured on it, and this made an interesting background against op-shop dresses in shades of pink to match.  

I added some texture layers in Photoshop to make this dreamy image below.

Have an inspired week...

Jesse XX


  1. Gorgeous!! That rose is stunning and you certainly photographed it beautifully.
    Such a lovely visit here with you this morning~

  2. So beautiful is your posting dear Jesse! Wonderful! Hugs, Susi

    1. Thanks for your visit here, Susi. I'm so glad you enjoyed this post.
      Jesse X


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