Thursday, 7 February 2019

One day at a time

Hello Friends,

Recently I made this wall hanging for a friend who is going through a tough time, having experienced domestic violence and psychological abuse for many years by her husband. At last she decided to leave, the best decision she could make for her and her teenage daughter's safety. She is much relieved to be out of the 'cooking pot', and is now embarking on a new job, in a new home, and rebuilding her life.

I wanted to give her some support from far away, something that might help her feel better. It's only a little token, but she was very touched when I gave it to her. I chose her favourite tone, aqua, and the bird nest to symbolise her new safe home. The sentiment 'One day at a time' was one I've found useful in huge upheavals. A few other sentiments appealed to me too, so I made a few extras that she could change depending on what spoke to her, and tucked them into an envelope on the back. They were: 

Be still
Grateful heart
Be brave

The image of birds is a copy of a vintage postcard. The wall hanging was assembled on a blue canvas vintage book cover and hung with seam binding. I used a found feather, gum leaf and skeleton leaf, old sheet music, old pearl beads, blue and gold tissue paper and various scraps of vintage doilies, fabrics and laces to embellish it.

Now to introduce you to my new girls... At last I have a small chook pen and four darling hens who I hope will lay some fresh eggs for us in the next few weeks. They are four different kinds: A Crested Cream Legbar (who lays blue eggs), a Silver Laced Wyandotte, a Silver Pencilled Wyandotte and a mystery (the cream coloured one). They are settling in well and when they are big enough I will try free-ranging them. Hawks can easily take them when they are small.
Here they are:

I look forward to watching them contentedly forage, making those happy chooky noises I remember from my childhood. I'm linking up to Wen's Simply Neutrals Party #53 at her blog, AppleApricot.

Follow the link to find gorgeous glimpses of neutral beauty and art. Wishing you a smiling heart,
and a hug,