Saturday, 6 April 2019

Up-cycled Coat Hangers for Vintage Clothes Tutorial

Dear friends,

Do you have some special vintage clothes you'd like to display to enjoy them? Perhaps a vintage baby dress, or a wedding dress to bring out of the cupboard?

I decided to play with some trims and doilies to decorate some plain coat hangers so they could add an old-world feel to vintage baby dresses and clothes I want to photograph and display. This ivory satin baby hanger was an op shop find.

I chose a small doily which had a minor stain (part of the vintage look). It had an open weave, so I folded it to work out the half-way point, then mounted it over the hook.

I snipped off a a piece of another doily and a short lace motif from a roll of recycled lace I collected from an old garment. The centre hole was just large enough to thread over the hook. You can experiment with wrapping a piece around and securing it with some small hand stitches.

A length of cream satin ribbon can be draped around the hanger - enough to tie a bow plus a little extra, about 40-50cm. You can trim it at the end.

Fold the ribbon around the hanger from front to back, and tie a bow at the front of the base of the hook.

The finished hanger - mine needed no sewing as it stayed nicely in place.

Here it is with a vintage baby's slip which I embroidered with a bow and some grub roses.

Here are a few more ideas... a satin button as the centre of the flower motif. I hand-stitched each end so the doily wouldn't slip off.

Starting with a padded hanger makes it a quick and easy project with great vintage style. Here I've added some pearl beads, an ear-ring and a velvet rose as accents.

These apricot shades are my favourites...

I'm joining Wen for Simply Neutrals # 55 over at her blog, AppleApricot. Come and join us for a feast of neutral beauty.