Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Welcome Fellow Travellers on the Creative Journey

This blog started as a diary of my artistic journey for the year-long course (Beyond Layers) with Kim Klassen.

Two online courses I did previously with Kim (Skinny Mini and Art of Texture) have given me some tools to play with and I've been using what I've learned to embellish some of my images. I loved Kim's kind and inspiring attitude to life and learning so here I am back for more depth and to push my boundaries, hoping to get over that block that makes me apologise for my art: 'I'm artistic, but not an artist.'

I've dabbled in all sorts of creative activities over the years - photography, singing folk songs, quilting, nesting (home making), teddy bear making and card making to name just some. I've spent time and energy on creating babies, too! My life is busy with 3 children, and I work together with my partner Terry making Irish flutes in our home workshop, as well as volunteering in our local Rural Fire Brigade, and in a year-long project writing weekly educational articles for my children's primary school newsletter which is available online here: 

The weekly educational articles are a joint venture on the part of Broulee Public School and a few volunteers to help us all realise the intense educational value and critical importance of the first three years of a child's life for setting them on the best path for learning and becoming all they can be. Our aim is to help parents think about and improve the educational experiences and life outcomes for their children. I contribute a reflective and practical segment on each topic, along with thoughtful images. 

I'm pulled in so many creative directions and I don't have enough time to do everything in the depth I'd like, and so often the urge to do something perfectly gets in the way of brave action. I have always known that my spiritual renewal was tied to my creativity, and made it a priority to give myself some time to lose myself in something artistic, trying to touch the inner core of myself in timelessness, in producing an expression of beauty, a reminder to my heart to feel gratitude for life and the moments of beauty that come my way.

Life happens so fast sometimes that I worry about missing the deepest connections with my children, my partner and the rest of this grand universe and I want to communicate and record some of my feelings and observations on my story.

Art enables us to find ourselves
and lose ourselves at the same time.

Thomas Merton

 My goals for this year of artistic exploration are:
  • to learn more about my camera, to have it with me more;
  • to see with new eyes, from new angles and vantage points; 
  • to improve my use of Photoshop Elements 9;
  • to be inspired by other people's creative endeavours and see that my own artistic expression is just as valid;
  • to learn about blogging, linking, and presentation of my thoughts and artworks on line and join in the discussions and sharing;
  • to value art as a personal expression of attitude and thought;
  • to dream more, and make some of my dreams real;
  • to enter deeper into the emotions behind art.

So now, onwards - to being caught up more in the 'present moment' of beauty captured by photography, and enhancing my pictures with Photoshop Elements...