Sunday, 18 October 2015

Simply Neutrals # 6 - A Gift from Suzy

A week or so ago the doorbell rang, and the postman brought me a parcel. I was expecting some new clothes pegs (special ones that last), so I opened it up... and what a surprise that made my day!

Suzy of had packaged up the most wonderful gifts, presented in true Suzy-style, as a way of saying thanks for filming and editing her Lace book instructional video.

So for this week's Simply Neutrals Tuesday, I'll share with you what was in that lovely box...

A stunning card was on top, breath-takingly gorgeous, Suzy! The parcel was wrapped in thick cream vintage cotton lace.

vintage lace card

I love the way Suzy incorporates her goats' mohair which she dyes herself...

vintage lace card

Inside I found some beautiful mohair and bear supplies, and a lumpy thing wrapped in a vintage drawn thread cloth.
 I unwrapped a cute mohair teddy bear with a sweet character - hand-crafted by Suzy and named Madeline. She was adorned with a soft velvet ribbon and a piece of fine old lace for a collar...

There was still more to come! A large hand-made white vintage doyley, a small piece of amazing cream lace...

And an absolutely wonderful vintage cream lace baby's jacket with fine silk embroidery..

vintage laces

Such exquisite gorgeousness! Thank you so much, Suzy, you made my day! I felt so appreciated by Suzy's message, too. Such a thoughtful way of saying thanks. I have kept a display of it in my craft room for about two weeks now, enjoying seeing it every day, and Suzy's card has pride of place.

So little Madeline has met my bears now, and has found a home with new friends.

Suzy's gifts just happened to fit in with Wen's Simply Neutrals Tuesday. You can see more wonderful neutral coloured theme pictures at Wen's blog, 


Have a great week and find time to do what you love,


Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Simply Neutrals Tuesday # 5 Vintage linens, a wall hanging and a vintage recipe

Greetings everyone! My, the weeks fly by when they are measured by a Simply Neutrals Party! Tanks Wen for hosting it again.

This week I had a play with adding some frames to some of my photos. Here are some vintage linens in grey and cream and white, with a lovely jug (not vintage). I use it as a vase.

I especially love the cream jewellery box with the girl on the lid...

I had my first swim of the season a few days ago when it was hot, but now it's jumper weather again! Here is our local school bus stop beach with rainbows, in neutral cloudy weather. What a delight it is to wait for the bus here!

I passed these sailing boats moored so artistically every now and then for a few weeks, but there was nowhere to stop the car for a photo. The road runs alongside the river. One day the boats were in perfect formation, so I stopped further on and walked back to take this photo... on the Moruya River looking towards the Deua National Park.

Moruya River

I noticed these old boots stuffed with bottle brushes (a native Australian plant) on a bushwalk - I wonder what happened to the boots' owner... did he go barefoot? (Not many women with feet this size!) Slip out of the old boots into a new life, faking suicide? I had to take a picture...

Here's a photo I took at our Moruya Museum of a handwritten cookbook from 1895. I love it! The old wooden spoon is so worn, and the white stock was just perfect for the era. You can see recipes for pikelets, melting moments and Dundee Cake.

This rose book tells the story of Pierre-Joseph Redoute. Sadly, there are no pictures apart from the magnificent cover. It's not quite neutral, but the old pale pink mixes well with neutral colours...

roses, book,vintage laces

I have started some pages for a new lace book. Here's the first one. I need to buy a new printer as mine has died, and I have almost run out of pictures to use!

vintage baby collage

If you like neutral colours, drop over to Wen's blog, Apple Apricot to join in the party or see more sumptuous neutrals.

Enjoy creating,


Sunday, 4 October 2015

Simply Neutrals # 4 - Some Furry Friends

The Spring school holidays have flown past in a blur of visitors, taxi-driving children to fun activities, and gardening. And before I knew it, it was time for the next Simply Neutrals Party #4. 

I thought it would be nice to share some of the furry friends we have looked after for the RSPCA. Here's Nova: 

Here's Ebony asleep:

And awake...

The first two cats we looked after became our forever cats... Willow (grey) and Gypsy (ginger). We took in Willow forst, and she was very timid, having been mistreated and abandoned as a kitten. She still hides under the couch when visitors come. Then we minded Gypsy, who was a lovable and bold little hussy. We found that Willow relaxed and felt more comfortable with Gypsy around so we adopted them both. They are still with us after several happy years.

All the others also found forever homes.

We minded quite a few more cats, but Willow became upset with every new cat so we stopped taking in temporary orphans.

Now a couple of bears I made a few weeks ago. I dyed the dress with Parisian essence to age it and make it a more subtle hue. (Thanks, Suzy for that great tip!)



And lastly, a lovely rose fabric in muted tones which covers my lounge. My children think I have a grandmother's taste in home furnishings... and I do!

Vintage style linen roses

It's been hot here today - 35 degrees Celcius - and the same is predicted for tomorrow. A swim in the ocean will help us cool down, I'm sure. Ocean temperatures are still lagging behind by a season and it will be brisk! Have a lovely week of creating, playing and photographing. 

Don't forget to hop over to Wen's blog at AppleApricot to see more lovely neutrals and join the party. I think I'm last again!

Bye for now,