Saturday, 12 May 2012

Day 4 Vision and Blur - Treading lightly

I love it when the moment is captured so I can remember it for the rest of my life - a life-defining moment of deepest love. I first worked on this picture in Kim's Art of Texture course but never showed it.

I thought I would try again, with the aim of simplicity in mind. I tried to use the textures to create the negative space in the composition by fading out the background. I used Kim's textures Charmed, Plastersquare and Crackerjack. It seemed I needed to use more textures to get the 'less' I was aiming for.

I tried to take a photo with the task of simplicity in mind, and chose my red roses. I learned from my mistakes here! The background was fussy and dark - I was trying to catch up on a few lessons and this was a shot from the photostory of my day.

This was a challenge as the lighter textures didn't seem to work, so I used Kim's textures Earthenwareframed and Burntpumpkin. I do love the textures I have purchased from you, Kim, as well as the freebies you so generously share with us. I love to have so much wonderful potential to choose from!

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