Friday, 25 September 2015

More Neutral Beauty - Old Letters and Cabinet Card

It's Week 3 of the Simply Neutrals Tuesday party, and I have been thoroughly enjoying taking part. Everyone's images images have been so exciting and different.  It's funny how a set theme with limits can give you more freedom than a blank piece of paper! I don't think I'll ever get sick of neutrals!

Thanks, Wen for featuring some of my pictures on your blog, too.

simply neutrals

Here's a cabinet card I bought off ebay a while ago. I like to keep the originals and use a print of them in my artworks. 

These letters are a special find at Kiama Markets. I haven't opened them, I just love them as they are, another person's private thoughts... The snippet on cardboard isn't finished yet.

Old letters

This huge moth flew into our window and I took some photos before letting it go again. It's a giant bogong moth, considered a good food source by indigenous people. I'm not tempted!

Here's a view of our nearby coast just after sunrise.

I spotted this old cottage from the road as I drove down the coast to visit Suzy when we were working on her video. I stopped on the way back to take some pics.

This is a simple fairy child I made. They look so sweet around my craft room...

If you'd like to join in or see some more gorgeous neutrals, pop across to AppleApricot 

Simply Neutrals Tuesday #3 linky party time

What neutral coloured beauty did you find or make or buy or receive?

Post anything in neutral colours,
be it cream, white, grey, beige, silver and/or brown.

A creation you made or received, home decoration, a statue or architecture, or anything out there that you were allowed to take a photo of.

You have till Monday 28th noon CET to link up.


  1. HI Jesse! I know what you mean about not using original photos. I collect those oldies and far be it from me to ruin a photo that has survived for more than 100 years. Besides, I figure that the beauty in those lovely old pictures will far outlast current art trends. By the way, I especially want to thank you for the time, effort and talent that you put into Suzy's video. We were away when the class actually opened, so I couldn't wait to watch it when we got home. Wonderful job. PS I love your little snipped on cardboard. Looking forward to seeing it when it's finished. Hugs, Sue

    1. Hi Sue, Everyone I know thinks I'm weird to collect old photos of people I don't know! And my Terry thinks it's a waste of money, but I love them, especially the babies and children. I love their clothes, and I love their neutral sepia colour. I think I should have been a Museum Curator!

      I'm glad you enjoyed Suzy's class video. That's so kind of you to say so. It was first effort for both of us, and was quite a challenge. I can't WAIT to see all the gorgeous books everyone makes!!!

  2. Oooohhhh I LOVE that sweet little fairy child!! I must make some too for my room, they will be joy bringers and reminders of life's little wonders and fairy tales. I love your variety in photos for this neutrals post Jesse, the wonderful old cottage in the snow, the beautiful coast, the creepy moth (I'm not tempted either!), the mysterious letters (mmm, what stories will they contain? I would be too curious to leave them unopened, lol), your beautiful and sweet little piece of art in the making and that sweet little girl in the cabinet card. They make a wonderful blog post together! Thank you so much for joining again this week Jesse and you're so welcome, your fabric book is just stunning and I had to share it, so the pleasure is all mine :) Wishing you a wonderful weekend and sending you hugs, xx

    1. Hi Wen, thanks for visiting my blog again. I was thinking I must have been too late to add my link to your blog as nobody had come to visit. It was such a busy week for me. Yes, these little fairies are simple to make but really add to my space. I cut them out while I'm waiting at Doctors or dentists with the kids or travelling (if I'm not driving!). I love these old photos better than the modern ones, even though our digital cameras are so much clearer. Hugs to you, and a great week. Thanks for hosting this party :)

  3. A varied mix of wonderful images here this week Jesse with your sweet old cabinet card, the little winged fairies gracing your space, the image of the sun rising over that lake is magical as is the little cabin you photographed on the way down and I LOVE the image of the moth - such amazing colours in that picture! Thank you for sharing all these with us,
    Hugs from here,

    1. Thank you Suzy - and that lake is in fact the ocean! I love how the moth turned out too - I spent a lot of time eliminating the background, and you'd laugh if you saw the original photo of the moth on my daughter!

  4. Hi Jesse,
    your little fairy is absolutely adorable. Such a lovely post for the simply neutrals Tuesday.TFS.
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

    1. Hi Marie, Thanks for coming to view my neutral pics this week. Have a lovely week. Hugs,

  5. Hello Jesse, and thank you for your kindest comment on my blog !!
    Your photoes here, are all so filled with beautiful items, like the first one with the lovely cabinet card ,the laces and rose,I collect old cabinet cards, too - you dressed the little one, on cardboard, so beautifully in lace, and love the crown you gave her !!
    I adore fairies ,too, and yours are so lovely, how sweet they live in your craft room.
    I can see your surroundings are very beautiful, how near are you to the sea? We have the Baltic Sea in our backgarden!
    Greetings from Dorthe , I will hope to add to Wens party, this week,too.

    1. Hello Dorthe, I feel like I am getting to know some new friends through my blog - it's a nice feeling to see familiar visitors :) Yes, we are less than 1 km from the beach, an easy walk. We often drive to different beaches to swim as each has its own character and some are safer for kids. It is so beautiful, but every Summer I wonder if this will be the year of a bad bushfire, because we are due for it. The price of living near a forest...

  6. Such a nice eclectic mix of photo's here Jesse,
    I'm so glad I looked in!
    I did not think the moth was real! until you told us so~
    I am SOO curious about what is in those letters!
    (if you ever peek, will you let us know? : ) jk
    Oh, and I love the different beautiful ways you've used the cabinet cards.
    You are very creative and the photo's were inspiring!
    Karen O

    1. Hello Karen,

      Thank you for taking the time to look and comment. One day I shall read the letters, but maybe I'll be disappointed! If I can, I'll do a special post about them.

  7. I love my little collection of cabinet cards, yup keeping them and making copies is the way to go.
    I love, love the little darlings you have created.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Michele, Thanks for your kind comment. Have a lovely week.


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