Saturday, 22 August 2015

A 50th wedding anniversary wall hanging

My dear friends Bob and Mary recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Here they are as beautiful children...

Beautiful children

Bob and Mary were my neighbours for a few years, and we miss them heaps! Over the years I've made them some cards for their birthdays. These were inspired by their gorgeous childhood pictures:

child card by Jesse Rowan

child card by Jesse Rowan

Child card by Jesse Rowan

For their 50th Wedding Anniversary I made them a collaged wall hanging in a vintage theme, on an old worn book cover. I love those cheap old books with hard covers tattered and stained! The feature image is a vintage bride

wedding lace collage by Jesse Rowan

wedding lace collage by Jesse Rowan

wedding lace collage by Jesse Rowan

Spring is almost here. It's been a balmy day for gardening. I've been pruning my roses this week.  I'm very late - they are starting to shoot new leaves. Here's a photo I call 'Rose Essence'. It's called 'Julia's Rose', and Bob and Mary gave it to me when they lived here.

Thanks for dropping by to look.



  1. Hi Jesse
    What a gorgeous collage you have created for your friends! I love the image and the old cabbage rose images that you have used. They must have been thrilled to receive it!
    The cards too are lovely. Nice to see you creating!

  2. Thanks, Suzy. I am giving it to them on Tuesday as they are visiting here. It will be so lovely to catch up.

  3. Jesse OMW I love this collage you've created! It is vintage perfection! : )
    Just taking a quick browse thru your blog~ (but I need to get back to work!
    I have a full time job accounting)
    Have a great day~
    Karen O

    1. Hi Karen,
      Thanks for taking a peep at my blog. I'm very behind in emails and comments! School holidays and 3 kids is busy! It's nicer to blog-hop than work, isn't it?


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