Sunday, 23 September 2012

Day 39 A Week of Inspired Quotes

Inspiration word: Focus

I used Kim's texture 'Crackerjack' to illustrate my quote below:


Inspiration word: Intentions

I used Kim's texture "Graduation Day'

Inspiration word: Change

I used Kim's texture 'Cinnamon' and added a frame.

Inspiration word: Peace

I used Kim's textures "Pumpkin Grunge' and  'Confidence' and a mask from Jerry Jones.

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  1. Greetings, You commented on my little blog in May of 2012. Thank you for your comments. My goal is to work on this blog this year and get my thoughts out there. I've been writing a lot, and even received a grant to teach memoir writing to adults though Hospice. This is all new, scary, and a push I need to do. I'm also writing a memoir about my Danish upbringing in the US. Lots going on. Glad to see you are using Kim's textures. I signed up for her class and then the stuff hit the fan. It's getting better, but I'm so far behind. I'll get there. It's all good. Thanks for chiming in. I'll be back. Anna K.


Thank you so much for your friendly comments. It makes my day to hear from you about my artworks and topics.